Classic Omelettes

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Aside from practice, to make a classic omelette you need some idea of what you're attempting to do. Creamy omelettes live at the intersection of romance, tradition and simplicity. From SeriousEats, we get the romance, as well as a new idea to keep your nonstick pans intact. From Jaques Pepin, we learn the traditional methods from a master. Understand exactly what you're making--soft French-style scrambled eggs left to sit in the pan without moving to form a skin, then rolled to hold it all together in a delicate, quivering quenelle--and it's the simplest thing in the world to throw together any morning of the week. It's perfectly acceptable for lunch and dinner as well, and all on the same day.

Combine those sources, along with a few dozen eggs, and you'll be able to enjoy the cheap, fast, and decadent breakfasts.